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ChristHaritage (ROBG-302)

“The Christian heritage along the cultural corridor Russe-Giurgiu”

What’s the goal?

The overall project objective is to promote the integrated development of the cross-border area Russe-Giurgiu through the development of cultural/religious tourism, based on sustainable use of the cultural, religious and historical heritage of the region. 

What’s the budget?

1,499,991.21 euro, out of which 1,274,992.51 euro ERDF

Who is doing it?

Lead Beneficiary (LB): “Sveta Petka” Church

Beneficiary 2: Vedea Commune

Beneficiary 3: “Sveti Georgi” Church

When is it happening?

Start date: 12.01.2019

End date: 11.01.2023

Duration: 48 Months

Where is it happening?

Giurgiu – in Romania

Ruse – in Bulgaria

How is it going to happen?

  • Three integrated tourist products
  • Restoration of three churches which are cultural monuments

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs: Increase in the expected number of visits to supported sites of cultural and natural heritage and attraction, 3 integrated tourism products/services created, 1 common strategy, policies or management plans for valorizing (including raising awareness) the cultural and natural heritage through its restoration and promotion for sustainable economic uses.

Programme results: increase of the number of overnights in the cbc area with 35,000.

Project status

The project is currently under implementation, with the following results reported so far:    

     - A starting press conference was organized on 12 December 2019 in the building of the Sveta Petka Church in Rousse;

     - LB signed the service contract for the elaboration of a ,,Joint Strategy for common preservation and use of the cultural, religious and historical heritage as a base of sustainable development of cultural and religious tourism in the cross border area Russe-Giurgiu”, on 1st of October 2019 and the elaboration of the strategy started;

     - LB started the main activity related to the Restoration of Sveta Petka Church in the city of Russe. The contract for “Major overhaul and restoration of the Sveta Petka church and the adjacent buildings of the temple and development of an exhibition center for visitors” was signed on 08.10.2020. On 16.10.2020, the construction worksite was open with the signing of protocol for the opening of the worksite. The execution of works is ongoing. The works should be completed within 20 months and 15 days from the opening of the worksite.

     - B2 started the elaboration of tender documentation for the selection of contractor regarding the restoration of the church of St. Pantelimon in the village of Vedea. The Beneficiary signed the contract for the elaboration of the technical design and execution of works on 20.02.2020. The execution of works is ongoing. The works should be completed within 26 months from the opening of the worksite.

     - B3, Sveti Georgi- Church, signed the contract “Overhaul and restoration of St. Georgi Church” on 14.05.2020. On 02.06.2020, the construction site was open with the signing of protocol for the opening of the worksite. The works execution have started on 02.06.2021, with a deadline of 135 days. The works are finalized and it is expected a final acceptance of the execution in May 2021.


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