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MObility of Workers and unEmployed Upgrade

What’s the goal?

To contribute to creating an integrated eligible area in terms of employment and labor mobility; to make the workforce seize cross-border jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities; to create measurable outcomes for enabling the area to be a region to live, study and work.

What’s the budget?

399.360,85 euro, out of which 339.456,72 euro ERDF


Lead Beneficiary (LB): Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Dobrich (Bulgaria)

Beneficiary 2 (B2): NPO European Institute for Cultural Tourism EUREKA (EICT EUREKA) (Bulgaria),

Beneficiary 3 (B3): Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture – CCINA Constanta (Romania)


Start date: 23.05.2017

End date: 22.05.2019

Duration: 24 months


Constanta in Romania

Dobrich, Ruse in Bulgaria


  • Conducting studies - “World of carriers and jobs”; “World of skills and education improvement”
  • Elaboration of self-assessment tools
  • Establishment of network of stakeholders
  • Platform information architecture and content development
  • Web based platform development and operation

Results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs: 4 initiatives that activate workforce mobility in the cross border area; 25 000 participants in joint local employment initiatives and joint training;

Programme results: 30 000 will have access to joint employment initiatives

Project status

The project implementation was finalised in June 2019 and the output and results achieved by the project consist in:

  • MOWEUP web-based platform, available at offering access to studies on employment and education, various tools elaborated within the project - carrier development videos, job video tips, 3 self-assessment tools for personality, carrier interests, transferable carrier skills, which based on 1 matching mechanism determine the most suitable career and job, as well as a comprehensive collection of information, intended to foster the employability and labour mobility of the jobseekers in the eligible area; The web-platform has attracted by the end of the project at total of 822 registered users and 1623 visitors.
  • MOWEUP network of stakeholders, including 67 organisations, registered on the platform as partners, participating in the round tables and contributing to the large collection of information available on the web-platform. They are also intended to play crucial role in the future promotion and ensuring the sustainability of the platform, providing access to information and other tools in the field of employment and labour mobility and promoting the platform in their initiatives;
  • 15 round tables in each region of the cross-border area (7 in Romania and 8 in Bulgaria), attracting a total of 313(153 in Romania; 160 in Bulgaria) representatives of the target group and aimed at facilitating the informational exchange between the relevant stakeholders and ensuring sustainable provision of information sources and access to the joint data base with information and advice;
  • 15 pilot trainings in each region of the cross-border area - 7 in RO and 8 in BG - attended by a total of 432 (207 RO and 225 BG) participants from the target group, 174 of each 29 years or younger, aimed at informing and demonstrating them how to benefit from the content of the web platform.


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