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Young PM (ROBG-146)

Young Project Manager in CBC area

What’s the goal?

To support youth employment in cross border area through promotion of mobility and vocational education of young people, building their capacities in the sector of project management.

What’s the budget?

656,665.01 euro, out of which 558,165.25 euro ERDF


Lead Beneficiary (LB): Association for Initiative and Support for the South – East Romania, Calarasi - AISSER (Romania)

Beneficairy (B2): Eurointegra Association (Bulgaria)

Beneficairy (B3): Danube Alternative Association (Bulgaria)


Start date: 18/08/2017

End date: 17/08/2019

Duration: 24 months


Calarasi, Romania

Pleven, Bulgaria


  • Project management;
  • Project information and promotion;
  • Project Management training sessions;
  • Web platform for students (e- summerjobs);
  • Pilot action – Joint Project Management training and working sessions.

Results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs:2 initiatives that activate workforce mobility in the cross border area; 375 participants in joint educational and training schemes.

Programme results: increase in the number of persons that will have access to joint employment initiatives with 15,000 persons. 

Project status

The project is finalized.

Two initiatives that activate workforce mobility in the cross border has been developed, as follow:

- The first initiative of the project was to ensure to 375 young people the opportunity to acquire both professional skills and intercultural competences by participating of the 15 project management training sessions. In this regards, 7 training sessions were organized in each county from Romania and 8 training sessions were organized in each district from Bulgaria. Each training session gathered 25 students and a total of 375 students obtained a diploma. Also, at the end of the training sessions, 4 graduate students from each region benefited from a Joint Project Management Event (Practice Camp) in Romania and Bulgaria where they could apply all the theoretical information acquired during the course.

- The second initiative of the project was a platform created for young students with opportunities to join traineeships and/or summer internships. The web platform is available at:, providing opportunities to join traineeships and/or summer internships in the eligible area of the programme. At the end of the project implementation 48,726 unique visitors has access to the joint employment initiatives.


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