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ROBG 256

TM (ROBG-256)

Modernization of the health services within hospitals from Turnu Magurele and Nikopol

What’s the goal?

To improve the efficiency of health services and the collaboration between health care providers at the level of communities from Turnu Magurele and Nikopol.

What’s the budget?

1,489,666.82 euro, out of which 1,266,216.80 euro ERDF


Lead Beneficiary (LB): Territorial Administrative Unit- Turnu Magurele Town(RO)

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Municipality of Nikopol (BG)


Start date: 27.10.2020

End date: 26.10.2022

Duration: 24 months


Teleorman in Romania

Pleven in Bulgaria


  • 2 hospitals modernized (Turnu Magurele and Nikopol);
  • 2 exchanges of experience between hospitals employees.

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs: one supported cross border mechanism (agreements, networks, regulations, studies, policies, strategies, information exchange tools) to enhance cooperation capacity

Programme results: improved level of co-ordination of the public institutions in the eligible area

Project status

The project is in implementation. So far, the following progress was achieved:

The project management teams on behalf of the both project beneficiaries were set up and the first joint meeting was organized online on 14.01.2021. The both project beneficiaries purchased the equipment necessary for the project management teams.

Activity T2. “Information and publicity” - LB has organized the conference for the start of the project on 30.08.2021. B2 and the representatives and doctors from the two hospitals from Turnu Magurele Town and Nikopol Municipality were part of the event. B2 has published 1 press release about the start of the project in the municipal newspaper. The templates for brochures, block notes, folders, leaflets, posters, roll-up banner and pen, under the responsibility of the LB, have been elaborated and delivered.

Activity T3. “Modernization of the hospital in Turnu Magurele” - the procurement documentation for the medical equipment has been elaborated and on 17.08.2021 the tender procedure per lots (13 in total) was launched. The deadline for submitting the offers was 05.10.2021. The procurement procedure was finalized by signing contracts for all equipment. Major part of the medical equipment was already delivered and installed at the Municipal Hospital in Turnu Magurele and the staff was trained to work with the equipment.

Activity T4. “Modernization of the hospital in Nikopol City” - the tender procedure for purchase of medical equipment was launched on 27.10.2021 and finalized on 10.12.2021, by signing the contract. The medical equipment, except the ultrasound scanner has been delivered and installed at the Municipal Hospital in Nikopol in March and April 2022. The staff was trained to work with the equipment.

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