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"Developing common tourism products and rehabilitation of cultural heritage",

What’s the goal?

To promote the cross-border region of Silistra and Călărași as a tourist and cultural destination by developing the cultural infrastructure and creating attractive tourist packages.

What’s the budget?

1,499,992.54 euro, out of which 1,274,993.65 euro ERDF

Target at the half of the implementation period: 12,882 euro for LB and 11,826 euro for B2. Both partners avoided decommitment at the decommitment deadline (LB executed 99.23% from the target, B2 executed 75.31% from decommitment target).

Who is doing it?

Lead Beneficiary (LB): Silistra Municipality

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Territorial Administrative Unit – Călărași County

When is it happening?

Start date: 08.08.2018

End date: 31.08.2023

Duration: 60 months and 24 days;

Where is it happening?

Calarasi (Romania)

Silistra (Bulgaria)

How is it going to happen?

  • Rehabilitation of the building of the Art Gallery owned by Silistra municipality;
  • Rehabilitation of the old building known as “Demetriade House” in Călărași;
  • Joint strategy for tourism development;
  • Tourism products and services;
  • Touristic route “The cultural heritage of Old buildings in Silistra-Călărași;
  • Website;
  • Information and publicity activities.

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs: 3 integrated tourism products/services created, 1 strategy for valorizing the cultural and natural heritage

Programme results: increase of the number of overnights in the CBC area with 2.000.

Project status

The project is currently in the 45th month of implementation out of 60 months and 24 days and the situation of the implementation is as follow:

BL - Silistra Municipality - after two public procurement procedures were carried out, BL has awarded the works contract for the execution of the works related to the investment objective "Rehabilitation of the Art Gallery building owned by Silistra municipality".

B2 - Călărași County Council - the execution of the investment objective “Rehabilitation of the old building known as“ Casa Demetriade ”from Călărași” has been finalized.

The strategy for valuing the cultural and natural heritage has been finalized, being available on the website of both beneficiaries: project-of-the-county-council-calarasi-in-partnership-with-the-municipality-of-silistra-according-to-the-financing-contract-no-87284-30-07-2018

Within the project, a web portal was developed through which all cultural events, natural beauty and tourist products will be promoted. It can be accessed at the following address:

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