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Green Jobs Network (ROBG -183)                                  

     „Green Jobs Network - Promoting Ecotourism and Organic Agriculture as Innovative Mechanisms for employment and local sustainable development in the Rural areas in the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border area”

What’s the goal?

To increase the employment opportunities and the mobility of the labour force through development of special competences and skills in the area of innovative ecotourism and organic agriculture and food production in the selected cross-border area.

What’s the budget?

1,219,573.08 euro, out of which 1,036,637.12 euroERDF


Lead beneficiary (LB): Municipality of Lyaskovets(Bulgaria)

Beneficiary (B2): Territorial Administrative Unit – Videle Town(Romania)


Start date: 25.04.2017

End date: 30.04.2020

Duration: 30 months


Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria

Teleorman in Romania


  • Raising public awareness;
  • Development of cross-border business incubators for ecotourism and organic agriculture;
  • Reconstruction and renovation of a municipal property;
  • Development of a joint strategy and virtual Cross-border platform for green jobs in the rural areas;
  • The supply and installation of 4 info-kiosks ;
  • Organizing joint special learning programs and trainings to increase the mobility in rural areas;
  • Language courses;
  • Organization of Joint Cross-Border Markets (job-fairs) for ideas, opportunities and good practices for job creation in the cross-border rural areas;
  • Organization of summer academy “Green Innovation Lab” for entrepreneurs from both sides of the border.

Results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

-          Programme outputs: 15 initiatives that activate workforce mobility in the cross border area; 160 participants in joint local employment initiatives and joint training.

-          Programme results: 30,396 persons will have access to joint employment initiatives.

Project status

Since the beginning of the project implementation, both partners focused on awarding the public procurement contracts. However, due to encountered problems, as for example for having no offer submitted at the tender procedures, the project partners signed with delays some of the main procurement contracts, delays which afterwards reflected in the late implementation of the project activities. Therefore, the project partners requested the extension of the project implementation period with 6 months (from 24 to 30 months).

In terms of project results, the main achievements of the project consist in:

- Completion of the construction works to the Cross-border business incubators for ecotourism and organic agriculture. The business incubator was set within a municipal building after its rehabilitation.

- A web based platform and mobile application for green jobs were elaborated.

- The strategy for green jobs was elaborated.

- 4 info kiosks were supplied and installed, out of which 2 in Videle and 2 in Lyaskovets.

- The 6 professional trainings were conducted by LB while for B2, remained to be organized the practical component of module 1.

- 2 English and Romanian language courses were organized by LB while for B2 remained to be organized the second language course for English and Bulgarian.

- A tractor has been purchased by B2 and will be used for organization of 5 sessions for the green academy.


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