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ROBG-151 “Development of the Joint labour market and labour mobility in the Construction field from the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area”

What’s the goal?

To increase employment and to improve the economic development and promoting social inclusion within the cross-border region.

What’s the budget?

477,030.23 euro, out of which 405,475.70 euro ERDF

Target at the half of the implementation period: 51,259 euro for Lead Beneficiary, 31,640 euro for Beneficiary 2, 35,200 euro for Beneficiary 3 and 31,549 euro for Beneficiary 4.

Who is doing it?

Lead Beneficiary (LB): Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry - Oltenia Subsidiary (Romania)


Beneficiary 3 (B3): Vidin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria)

Beneficiary 4 (B4): National Centre for Information Service – Pleven (Bulgaria)

When is it happening?

Start date: 27.06.2017

End date: 26.06.2019

Duration: 24 months

Where is it happening?

Dolj, Romania

Vidin, Bulgaria

How is it going to happen?

  • Project management;
  • Research of the qualifications needs on the construction field in the project area (Dolj, Olt, Mehedinţi counties in Romania  and Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven districts in Bulgaria);
  • Meetings to promote research results at all stakeholders of the project area (Dolj, Olt, Mehedinţi counties in Romania  and Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven districts in Bulgaria);
  • Drafting and publishing an dictionary of specific construction terms;
  • Organizing and unfolding of authorized trainings for targeted groups;
  • Organizing the  internships and exchanges of experience;
  • Setting up centers for information and counseling;
  • 4 Job Fairs for job seekers in cross border area (2 in Romania and 2 in Bulgaria);
  • Information and Publicity campaign;

What will be the results (what’s the contribution to the Programme)?

Programme outputs:

 - 13 joint mechanisms that activate workforce mobility in the cross border area

 - 336 participants in joint local employment initiatives and joint trainings

Programme results:

           - at least 1000 persons will have access to joint employment initiatives

Project status

The project team was set up and the project partners proceeded with awarding the procurement contracts planned in the project.

A joint research of the qualifications needs in the construction field in the project area (Dolj, Olt, Mehedinţi counties in Romania and Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven districts in Bulgaria) was carried out and the 3 most sought for professions in each region were identified in view of preparing the planned professional qualification courses. To promote the research results and the forthcoming qualification courses the project beneficiaries organized information seminars with in Pleven and Vratsa (organized by B4), Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Slatina, Craiova, Bechet (organized by LB and supported by B2) and in Montana by B3. 

Beneficiary 2 elaborated a dictionary with construction related terms in three languages and the electronic version of the dictionary  is available at

Part of the equipment for the setup of the information and counselling centres was purchased

The project beneficiaries have initiated the procedures for obtaining the authorization for organizing qualification courses in the selected professions and those are currently underway. The logistical preparation of the trainings is also ongoing..


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