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Financial support for Romanian beneficiaries in EU funded projects

Administrative-territorial units may request in 2018 loans for ensuring the necessary funds for implementing EU projects.

The loans are granted by the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance from privatization revenues and are subject to interest.
The limit is 800.000.000 RON (~173 million euro) and the deadline for the request and submission of the documents is 29 November 2018.
The loans are granted to ensure pre-financing and / or co-financing of projects funded by non-reimbursable external funds, including non-eligible expenditures associated with the projects.
For more details regarding the required documents, the procedure and the deadlines, please check the Legislation section of the InterregROBG website (Ordinance no. 8/2018 and the Methodological Norms from 30/08/2018).


Published on 04.09.2018

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